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7 Nov

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This is the sixth edition of “CP News and Spank! Report”, a QSM Publication. The theme of this edition is “Spankings on TV” and is dedicated to stories and scenes of spankings on television shows, both actual and those alluded to.
I hope, over time, to tell stories and anecdotes regarding childhood punishments, including but not limited to, spankings at home, school paddlings, and any other forms of corporal punishments.
Please use the comments section to give me feedback, pro or con, and pass along any stories or requests you may have. You can also e-mail me at Together we can make this one of the top CP related blogs on the ‘net.
This month’s question keeps within the theme of this edition, “Spankings on TV”.
Do you remember any television shows which showed or alluded to a character getting spanked? How about any movies which had this? Please keep it to popular, mainstream movies, not porno, which is another topic entirely.
Feel free to add any other details.
You may e-mail me at, or just use the comments section. Thank you!

Some scenes in shows with spankings, both actual and threatened.
It may be hard to believe today, but the topic of spanking was once pretty popular on television shows, especially on situation comedies and westerns. Its peak was in the 1950s and 60s, with a few surviving references in the 70s and early 80s. No real surprise there, since spanking was a much more common event in the 50s and 60s, and just started to decline a bit in the 70s and more in the 80s. Here are a few I can remember.
Not surprisingly, “The Andy Griffith Show”, as a rural comedy of the 60s, had more than one reference to spanking. One of the later episodes, after Opie started to reach the teen years, had Opie and another boy placing a walkie-talkie type thing on a dog’s collar and tricking Goober into thinking he had a talking dog. When Sheriff Andy sniffs out the con, he sends the other boy home and just motions to Opie to get in the police car. You just know that once home Andy’s belt was coming off and Opie’s butt would be redder than usual that night!
Also, in an earlier episode, Opie befriends a new boy to town who is grossly spoiled. When Andy and Barney confiscate the boy’s bike, his father comes with the boy to the Sheriff’s Office. After first complaining loudly to Andy, the father begins to back off after his son says he’d even approve of his dad going to jail just so he got his bike back. The father realizes just what a brat he has raised, Andy offers the service of his woodshed, and the boy is taken out for a whipping. Opie asks Andy if the boy is getting a whipping, Andy asks Opie if he thinks the boy deserves one, and Opie replies to the effect of, “Can’r say for sure, I don’t like to go against my own kind.”
And, in a very early popular episode, Opie has a friend who everyone thinks is imaginary, Mr. McBeavy. When Opie refuses to admit his friend is imaginary, Andy finally threatens the boy with a spanking. Opie refuses to back down, insisting Mr. McBeavy is real, and at last convinces Andy he always tells the truth and avoids the spanking. Andy goes into the woods, where Opie had interacted with this imaginary man who walks in the trees and wears a silver hat, and finally says the man’s name aloud in exasperation at this dilemma in raising his son. Then a man from above answers Andy, and Opie had been telling the truth after all, as Mr., McBeavy is exposed as an electrical lineman, working up in the trees stringing lines, and wearing a silver hardhat.
“The Danny Thomas Show”, a widely forgotten sitcom of this same era and one produced by the same folks who made “Andy Griffith”, used that same theme in an episode. It differed in that this time it was Danny’s little daughter Linda who had an imaginary friend, and when she refused to admit he was imaginary, Danny decides to spank her. Linda is very cooperative in preparing for her punishment, as she goes so far as to lie across Danny’s lap and yells “Fire One!”, which causes Danny to call off the punishment. As Danny tries to decide what to do about his daughter, a knock comes at the door, and Linda shows a man into the room, the same type of huge “Giant” she had decribed. Her “imaginary” friend was real after all; Danny then asks the large fellow to do him a favor. He brings out a chair, asks the man to sit, puts himself across his knee and yells “Fire One!”
A slightly more modern show, “One Day at a Time”, was on during the second part of the 70s and had a few minor references to spanking. The general theme of the show was a divorcee raising two daughters. During an early show the mother, Ann, defends her ex-husband to the daughters, saying he was a good father who knew when they needed a shoulder to cry on and also knew “when they needed a good spanking.” On a slightly later show, Ann enters their apartment with her youngest daughter, Barbara (Valerie Bertinelli), laying on the couch. Ann smells natural gas in the room, from a leaky kitchen stove, and, attempting to wake the dozing, woozy girl, gives her one good smack on the ass.
On a much later episode, which may have even been made in the early 80s, the theme is entirely devoted to school paddling. Alex, a young, skinny teen boy who had been abandoned by his mother and saw his father, Ann’s boyfriend, die unexpectedly, is left in Ann’s care. A number of missed classes and intercepted notes home later, Alex is due a paddling in school from “Principal Ironhand”. Barbra is still on the show, and Alex asks her how she handled it when she got in trouble at school. Ever the innocent, Barbra admits she never got in trouble at school.
Ann finally finds out Alex is due a paddling, she meets the Principal and, after finding Alex had hired a “whipping boy” to take his paddling for him, gets the Principal to let her handle it, for now. After confronting the boy, and finding he feels totally abandoned in life, Ann reassures him that she is dedicated to his upbringing. At the end, Ann takes out her cutting board and gives Alex one solid whack with it as a makeshift paddle.
I mentioned in the opening of this article that spankings were not unheard of in TV Westerns, which had their peak of popularity in the early 60s. However, I have never been a fan of Westerns and don’t recall ever seeing the odd episode with a spanking in it. Research tells me, however, that the popular NBC oater “Bonanza” had shows in which each of the Cartwrights were able to spank or otherwise give a slap on the bottom to a wayward girl or woman. Reruns of “Bonanza” still run today on TV Land network.
Another early 60s show that I don’t recall ever seeing, but have certainly read about, is “Gidget”, starring a young Sally Field. My reading has shown me there was one episode in which Gidget gets a good one, from her brother-in-law, after she meddles in the relationship between him and her sister. The show opens with Gidget bent over a couch, facing the camera, and you can see the man behind her smacking her butt and her facial reactions. Then it fades to a flashback, explaining the meddling and what Gidget had done, and finally ends back at the spanking, which Gidget explains is, “how I got in this predicament!”
Finally, there is one more show I did not see but have read about in my research. The current NBC sitcom, “Community”, had a spanking scene just this season. The general theme of the show is mostly older college students attending a Community College and situations in their lives. One of the ladies on the show had done something to tick off her grandmother, and the old lady tells her to get some switches! And, similar to the “Gidget” episode, they have a frontal view of the girl, bent over grandma’s lap, while you can see her getting lashes with the switch in the background and also see her facial expressions! The show is relatively new, so it is not in syndication yet, but hopefully it will be one day and this one will be seen for years in reruns.
Any research done here is from the Spanking Art Wiki, located at . And some videos can be found on YouTube, just go to their home page and do a search for “Spankings on TV”.
I’m sure there are others that I haven’t heard about and don’t appear on this Wikipedia like site. If you know of any, comment or e-mail me at

Kelly Spanking

It never happened, but this would be my ultimate TV spanking…Kelly Bundy bent over for a bare butt roasting from Peg, her mom!

From the CP News and Spank Report Archives
Reprinted from Letters Magazine, July 1987
I am an eighteen-year-old girl. I read your magazine at the store I work at. I especially agree with the letter in one issue from the high school cheerleader who got spanked by her mom and didn’t like it. Boy, can I agree with that!
Last month I got my first spanking in three years! Mom and I had been arguing back and forth all month. She said I had been acting crummy all month and that I had better improve my behavior and my manners. We had just had another argument when Mom said, “I’ve had it, young lady. You’re going to get a really good spanking right now.”
Mom is bigger and stronger than I am, and besides, as angry as she was, I knew that arguing would just make her madder. We went back to my room and Mom sat down on the back of my bed. I went over to her, and Mom pulled my shorts and pants down to my knees in one swift motion. I was really conscious of my pussy and my bottom being exposed, but I was more scared than embarrassed.
Mom motioned for me to lie over her lap. I did, and I could feel the warm firmness of her thighs holding me. Mom gripped my side and whacked my naked behind really hard! The pain was unreal! The whacks came in a rapid rain all over my bottom, and a searing pain quickly filled it! I began crying almost right away. I squirmed around, but it didn’t ease the pain. Mom ignored my crying, held me down in spite of my squirming, and kept on spanking my naked bottom. I couldn’t believe how much my bottom was hurting.
Mom’s hand made a smacking sound every time she whacked my naked bottom. Between that and my crying, we were making a lot of noise. I sure hope none of the neighbors heard it! The spanking reached the point where I didn’t think I could take it anymore, but Mom just kept on whacking my naked, sore bottom. Finally, I stopped squirming and just lay still over Mom’s lap as she kept a steady rain of whacks landing on my naked bottom.
Mom paused for a few seconds and then gave me a really hard whack on each bottom cheek. Then she stood me up and left the room. I crawled into bed with my shorts and panties still pulled down, and lay on my stomach and cried.
After I stopped crying, I looked myself over. My eyes were red and puffy. I managed to see my bottom in the closet door mirror, and it was all read and looked as sore as it was.
I didn’t enjoy it at all, and I hope I never get another spanking! I was wondering if there were any girls out there who enjoy being spanked.
I hope you print more letters about spanking. It is very interesting to read about.
Ms. P.F., Kentucky

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